Comic Relief Recap

Maddie Prentis and Jamison Shimmel performing in Comic Relief. Photo by Heather Harper.

Maddie Prentis and Jamison Shimmel performing in Comic Relief. Photo by Heather Harper.

Laughter poured forth from the usually-quiet chapel on Saturday night as a series of witty comedic sketches were performed for Covenant College’s sketch comedy show, Comic Relief. Organized in SNL fashion, a variety of hilarious sketches and a musical performance by Chapman Whitted made up the entertaining show. Hosted and directed by Covenant’s Laugh Track captain, Jamison Shimmel, and performed by a variety of Covenant students, this show brought forth peals of laughter from the audience, composed mostly of Covenant College students, faculty and staff.

Satire was used in multiple sketches to highlight some of the comedic realities found at Covenant College. “Christian Girl Instagram,” performed by Adrienne Siegenthaler and Aften Whitmore invoked roaring laughter from the crowd as it satirized a well-known stereotype. Another crowd favorite was the “Weekend Update” which put a humorous spin on many happenings at Covenant. While the students performed excellently, a surprise appearance by Mrs. Pat from Chartwells in the short video based upon the television show The Bachelor, was especially well received. Chapman Whited's performance of an original musical piece was also stellar and caused a sense of quiet and restfulness to fall on the audience as they basked in the musical beauty.

It was evident that a tremendous amount of work had been put into this show and the crowd seemed appreciative as the multiple sketches and video were very positively received. While a portion of the performers are a part of Covenant College’s Improv team, Laugh Track, this comedy show was unique because of the many non-theatre/improv students who played lead roles in several sketches. This was a fun opportunity for these students as well as a great connection to the audience, many of whom had some association with a performer. Also, in contrast to Laugh Tracks improv, Comic Relief was scripted which enabled the performers to present a more polished work of humor and created a different feel than the spontaneous humor utilized by Laugh Track.

It was director Jamison Shimmel's hope that this show would reinstall Comic Relief as an annual event at Covenant College and based upon the overwhelming positive response from the immediate audience, this showing of Comic Relief has certainly set the standard and “paved a way” for future performances. If you were unable to attend this year’s performance, take a break from homework, head to YouTube to watch this year’s digital short, and feel your spirits lifted as you laugh along with Covenant College at the 2015 showing of Comic Relief.