The Circle Project

In History and Theory of Photography with Dr. Weichbrodt, Lynae Rockwell and I have been learning about early photographic processes and the types of cameras used when photography was still a new medium. One of the first mass-produced cameras was the Kodak box camera, marketed with the slogan, “You press the button, we do the rest!” The box camera came loaded with 100 negatives, and once consumers had finished the roll, they sent them off to Kodak to be processed. The negatives that Kodak mailed back to the customer were circular, partially in order to hide distortion that appeared at the edges of the images, and partially because a circle was the most practical composition for the technology at that time. As photographers, Lynae and I were intrigued by the unfamiliarity of the circle as a composition. Such a shape hasn’t been prevalent in photographs since the 1880s, which caused us to wonder how it would function today, especially in a platform such as Instagram, where the square is the leading composition, and the rectangle is a close second. To further challenge the way we think as artists, Lynae and I started @thecircleproject. Our goal is to revive the circle as a composition, and to be pushed outside of our comfort zone with our photography.