The Moon Embracing the Sun

The Moon Embracing the Sun, a historical Korean drama based on a book of the same name, is filled with ancient spirits, destiny, torture, sword fighting, political intrigue, romance, love triangles, innocence, and a prince in disguise. It has something for everyone, and with twenty episodes averaging an hour each, you won’t have to deal with series withdrawal any time soon.

The main plot of the story is all about fate, and no matter how people try to change your fate, whether it be through black magic, usurpers, or just plain trying to kill you, they cannot change your destiny.

That being said, purpose is a driving force in the show. While some characters see the beauty of destiny determining your life, others see it as a force to be manipulated.

It all begins with the plotting of the murder of the first crown prince, and the royal shaman (roughly the Taoist equivalent of a nun) who witnesses this event pays for it with her life--but not before making a vow to protect the life of the unborn Yeon-woo, whose destiny she sees will be the lynchpin to the nation’s stability.  

As Yeon-woo grows up and falls in love with crown prince Lee Hwon, it is clear that her destiny will be threatening to the usurpers in the palace, and to prevent her from ruining their plans of continuing to hold power, they plot her death.

This attempted murder is assumed to be successful, through the effect of a Romeo and Juliet-like potion, and her grieving family proceeds to bury her body.

The second half of the series is devoted to the eight years after her presumed death, as her family and fiance struggle to cope with her death. Then she begins to remember her own special past, after eight years of not knowing her identity.

With fast-paced storytelling and characters that you will quickly grow attached to, you’ll be hooked.