The Savannah Disputation

With a surprising mix of comedy, religion, and hard truths, The Savannah Disputation is a hilarious one-act play written by Evan Smith. The play takes place in the home of two elderly Catholic sisters. To start off the action of the play, a door-to-door fundamentalist evangelist comes to their home and gets at least one of the sisters thinking about what she believes and how it could be wrong. Both the sisters and the evangelist create this hilarious parallel where they think they know all there is about their respective religions, but eventually find out neither knows as much as they think they do. Faith is put to the test as these women and a priest battle it out with backhanded insults and hilarious moments that leave the audience in stitches.

Aside from the comical moments, there are many questions asked, where the audience is required to think about their own faith as well. Not only is the play a good way to spend an evening relieving stress through laughter, but it helps the audience think critically about what they are hearing and seeing. Critically engaging in entertainment is not something widely utilized, however, it is a great skill to have, and this play makes it easy. Camille Hallstrom, the Theatre Department head and director of this show had this to say about it, “Likely everyone on either side of its issues will get offended by something in the show, yet the play ultimately demonstrates compassion for its characters in their various struggles in this vale of tears.” As each thing is said incorrectly or naively about Catholicism or Protestantism, the audience is either appalled or amused by the statement, depending on which category they fall under. However, because the play brings the audience to sympathize with the characters, the audience is led to think about the truth of these statements.

However much thinking is required in this show, it is more than matched for comical wit and entertaining moments. It is well worth sitting the estimated time of 1 ½ hours to see the show. For those who have yet to see it, there is still one more weekend of shows available to you. There are still two more performances on Oct 9 at 8:00 pm and Oct 10 at 2:30 pm. Tickets will be the meager price of $5 for students, staff, and seniors, and $7 for adults. To buy tickets there will be a table open during lunch and dinner Monday, Oct 5-Thursday Oct 8. You can purchase tickets and ask the people at the table any questions you have about the show or you can email to buy tickets and ask them questions as well. Please come to the show and show the Theatre Department your support, and you will find your donation of time and money more than worth it.