Highlight on Up & Coming Forest Talk

On October 22, Forest Talk, a new pop-rock band straight out of  the“Magic City,” Birmingham Ala. played their first rooftop show at their hometown’s Southern Kitchen and Bar.

The show started about two hours later than scheduled as to ensure the arrival of the keyboardist Mark Nelson. Once the show actually started, the band hit the ground running with the catchy pop cut, “Compromise;” the performance was a little rough in the beginning but the band’s improv sound mixing kept things interesting and made up for the slow start with some truly passionate stage energy. Halfway through the set, Forest Talk really hit its stride with their song, “Sidewalk Sway,” invoking the telling lyric: “I’m going to love you my way.”

The last song, the not yet recorded “Feeling the Sun—notably the band’s favorite—was the highlight of the concert. At this point, the boy’s emotive performance captivated and moved the entire audience.

After the show, I gave the band their very first interview. Lead singer Seth Burgess graced the band with the name, “Forest Talk,” as a tribute to a Family Guy episode where Stewie goes into the woods with one of his friends to talk about their feelings in a venerable way. ”Our music is confessional,” said Burgess. “We’re just speaking from a very deep place that most people don’t go—to speak on depression, jealousy, relationships, all of that.”  

The band has been together since 2013, when the members met in their youth group band.  They have been best friends since.  “I love talking about these guys.  They are my best friends—I love them,” said Bassist Tyler Taft.

When asked to describe their sound, Taft said, “I never really know what to tell people when they ask what genre we are. I’m always like ‘alternative, indie rock, pop rock,’ but that doesn’t even tell you anything!”

Cuts from Forest Talk’s inaugural album, Skeye, and singles “Sleep” and “Holding Hands” can be found on SoundCloud, BandCamp, Spotify, and iTunes.