Seaux Chill Seeks New Streets

Seaux Chill (Nabil Ince) is exploring new avenues for his music. (photo: Reed Schick)

Seaux Chill (Nabil Ince) is exploring new avenues for his music. (photo: Reed Schick)

Covenant College senior Nabil Ince, known on stage as Seaux Chill, dropped his third album titled Freedom Avenue last Spring and then hosted listening parties all over the country—even in France. This ground-breaking release became Seaux Chill’s first album available on all major listening and streaming services, but with prospective new projects in the works, Freedom Avenue is only the beginning.

Since Freedom Avenue’s release, Ince has continued his writing process by coming up with at least five different hooks each week. Even though these hooks do not always turn into full length songs, Ince uses them to exercise his “writing muscle.” Writing small bits and pieces of songs prepares him for the next step in his creative process. He keeps his writing muscle fresh and active so that whenever he has time to fully flesh out his ideas and write songs, he’s already warmed up.

While there is no anticipated date for the release of new material from Seaux Chill, Ince is tentatively projecting a new album for 2018. In the meantime he will be keeping quite busy with his side projects.

Seaux Chill may not be producing any music of his own this year, but he will be assisting other artists with their projects by playing the roles of producer and songwriter. Songwriting is nothing new for Ince and neither is producing. He has long produced his own work, as well as the work of others, over the last few years. Even though these upcoming projects don’t stem directly from Seaux Chill, his lyrics, sound, and personal style will definitely shape the music. Ince gets to use this time to add his creativity to the creativity of others before diving into his own ventures.

In 2018 Ince plans on traveling frequently to play shows within the region – Atlanta, Nashville, Birmingham, etc. – while promoting Freedom Avenue. He hopes to build relationships in other cities across the country in order to expand future creative and performance opportunities.

One of Ince’s greatest passions is East Lake Expression Engine, a ministry of New City East Lake. He is the program director at the ministry and serves the youth of Chattanooga through music. As Ince puts it,

“Children will always be a part of my life as an artist for many reasons: 1) They changed my life in a way that made me realize how to use my gifts to serve. My “why” became the kids. They've taught me so much. 2) Kids are so creative and that energy is contagious. I'm in a more creative state of mind when I'm spending a lot of time with kids. 3) Most importantly, Jesus cares about the children on a deep level. After spending so much time with them, it's easy to see why. They are the future. They will be here when my time on earth is done, and yet in many ways they are still forming who they are. To be a part of their story is one of the greatest honors.”

Ince eagerly continues to search for more open doors that will allow him to serve new communities in new capacities as he continues to develop and share his gifts with the Chattanooga community and beyond.