Secret Soldier

Through every pain and strife, a battle rages on,

Of spiritual collisions as these days have come and gone.

The fight is not with flesh or blood; the battle’s not with man.

The Enemy’s disguised himself as much as he still can.

How often he’s deceived us into fighting the wrong war,

We’ve limited the picture and forgotten how much more

Extends beyond what eyes can see, what we can feel and touch,

What words are said, what hands have done, what’s little and what’s much,

So let’s remember the war we fight is more than we can see.

Let’s stand together as one Church and fight the Enemy.

Sometimes it might seem hopeless when the battle’s hard to win,

When we look at those around us and we think of how they’ve been

So gracious and so good to us and yet we know for sure,

This world is filled with hardships that they too must endure.

We think if only every burden we ourselves could bear,

So they could not be hurting, so that they would not despair,

And then we look to Christ and see that promise He has made,

To carry every burden through that price that He has paid.

The pain might still be there but He’s promised to be near

To each of His loved children, to wipe away each tear.

He’s promised to come back for us – this pain it will not last,

We must endure a moment, but eternity comes fast.

Again we see these people and we wish with all our heart

That somehow we could take their pain, if only just in part.

We wish we could take it all away no matter what the cost,

Even if that means that everything we have is lost.

It hurts so much when we’d give up all we love and hold fast to,

And yet we know within ourselves there’s nothing we can do,

But sometimes when there’s nothing left to think or do or say,

We see one thing remains for us: to go to God and pray.

They might never know the tears we’ve shed for them,

The hours we have come to God and pleaded yet again,

That He would give them hope and peace, that through their pain they’d say,

This burden might be heavy, but I have Christ each day.

Perhaps they’ll never know how through my pain I’ve cried,

God don’t remove my trials; just let them in You confide.

Perhaps they’ll never know the battle in my mind,

But that’s okay, because as a prayer warrior I find,

That if prayer is all I have, then with all my heart I’ll cry

That they’d be overwhelmed by Him, His love so deep and high.

Perhaps they’ll never know, but I’ll pray each day and night,

For I’m a secret soldier, and I stand ready to fight.