Boy Pablo's New EP "Soy Pablo"


On October 5, bedroom pop-surf rock artist Boy Pablo released his second studio EP, entitled “Soy Pablo.” More than a year after the Norwegian teenager’s first release entitled “Roy Pablo,” this seven-track record displays Pablo’s unique style of blending latin-infused jazz theory with a dreamy, surf rock atmosphere — including songs both upbeat and mellow.

“Soy Pablo” opens with “Feeling Lonely,” a catchy, fast-paced song about the loss of a lady. Arguably the most popular song on the EP, “Feeling Lonely” is an absolute bopper despite what the title may presuppose. In this song, as is similar throughout the rest of the record, Pablo incorporates and manipulates classic-sounding melodies and chord progressions into a modern sound.

Next on the list is “wtf.” It is important to note that Covenant College does not, in any way, condone the use of this language; however, this song (and the rest of the songs, for that matter) does not actually include any explicit content. This track, despite its short length of just over one minute, is also one of the more popular on the EP, due to its upbeat, lighthearted feel and irresistibly catchy chorus.

After this is “Sick Feeling,” which was one of two songs that were released before the rest. This one was released towards the end of the summer and is a dreamy, mellow song about losing another lady. Synth-heavy and atmospheric, “Sick Feeling” is a dive into Pablo’s romantic, emotional mind, and marks a shift in the EP from the groovy opening to a much more laid-back middle section that continues with “t-shirt” and “Limitado.” The former is characterized by an experimental opening, featuring heavily delayed guitars, a dissonant chord  progression, and strange lyrics. However, the chorus leads the listener into a passionate love song, with a catchy beat and melody.

“Limitado,” the following track, also begins with a similarly experimental sound, but much more quickly dives into a slow, remorseful track about a lady, filled with synths and electronic drums that make for a spacey, introspective experience. It is interesting to note that ‘limitado’ in spanish means ‘limited’ or ‘restricted’ — this mood is conveyed through Pablo’s sorrowful lyrics.

Next is the second pre-release, entitled “Losing You.” Yet another song about the loss of a lady (how many ladies can you lose, Boy Pablo?), this is probably one of Pablo’s two most popular songs, the most popular being “Everytime” from the “Roy Pablo” EP in 2017.

“Losing You” was the first single released after “Roy Pablo,” which along with its difference from that entire first EP, most likely led to its rise in popularity. Similar to “Feeling Lonely,” this is a much more upbeat song, with a catchy chorus and synth melody. The EP comes to a close with “tkm,” an emotional, artfully produced song about how things don’t always work out with the ladies. Everyone can relate to this, and if not, you might be living in a simulation. This final track is five-and-a-half minutes long, the last three or so being a beautiful instrumental with ambient synths, a captivating bassline, and a harmonizing guitar melody.

“Soy Pablo” is a well-polished, well-rounded production by Boy Pablo. His sound is unique and fresh — blending styles from artists like Mac DeMarco with a pop feeling. Pablo is on tour in Europe right now, and will be in Asia later this winter and early 2019.