THREADS: Lucy Green

photo by  Eden Anyabwile

photo by Eden Anyabwile

After a bit of a break, Covenant’s first fashion column is back. November and colder weather are officially here, and you can finally pull out all your oversized sweaters and beanies.

So, what’s trending with the ladies right now? The November uniform seems to be mid-calf boots, fuzzy sweaters, and giant consuming scarves. For the men of Covenant, the flannels are making an appearance as well as some (quite daringly) brightly-colored beanies. Across the board, denim jackets (vintage or store-bought?) have been dominating the style trends.

This month’s spotlight is junior Lucy Green, well-known on campus for her amazing pants and unique style. I first asked her how she generally puts her outfits together in the morning (everyone starts with one piece of the outfit), and for Green it’s always the pants.

“I’m really particular about the pants I wear...they should be super comfortable,” Green said. When it comes to her personal fashion, Green has a unique story behind the evolution of her style.

“In middle and high school, fashion was a really big deal to me. I had a lot of identity issues… I wore a lot of extreme things for the purpose of standing out.”

Where is she today at Covenant? Green explained that she is “learning to wear what [she] love[s]..even if it’s not a statement piece, or crazy.”

Green also talked about how she grew up thrifting with her family.

“It’s super affordable, you can be responsible, and economic with your money.” According to her, it’s “reclaiming the integrity of clothing.”

And where does Green get her daily fashion inspiration from? She gave a list of people including Alice Aedy, fashion editors Haley Nahman and Lisa Prang, and our very own Dr. Elissa Weichbrodt.

So what advice does Green have for you, fellow Covenant students? Coming out of her own struggles with fashion, Green stated that the “most important part is feeling comfortable in your own skin... whether that’s being wacky, or using fashion guidelines to your own advantage.” She also emphasized the power and importance of style. “Fashion is a set of principles, and physical clothing is there to empower you, and help you to pursue what you want to pursue more fully.”

For Green, fashion can be a part of your identity which can actually even point more to Christ. “Ultimately, your confidence is going to come from who you are in Christ, but don’t be afraid to let fashion be a part of this.”