An Open Letter to Bekah

Dear Bekah,

By now it is quite clear that the damage done to your sculpture was not as malicious as we originally suspected. I still feel compelled, however, to speak directly to you about what happened last Wednesday night. Your piece has joined a sad club of defaced art, bruised by anger, ignorance, and the inflated ego of a viewer. Unfortunately this kind of vandalism has a long history, both at Covenant and throughout art history.

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Tea with Local Milk

“Hey! Wanna meet at my house instead?...I’m not in the mood to be in public.”

When I got this email from Beth Kirby, about 20 minutes before we were scheduled to meet, I lost it. All day long I had looked forward to meeting Beth, the artist behind the brand Local Milk, at a coffee shop in town. Being invited to her home for a cup of tea felt too good to be true.

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We Keep Having This Conversation Review

Buzzwords like “belonging” and “ideal” surround viewers as they enter UTC’s Cress Gallery, all in today’s best shades of gray, orange, tan, yellow and pink, using vinyl panels separated by metal zippers. Professional graphic designers Keetra Dean Dixon and JK Keller blur the line between design and fine art in their collaborative exhibit we keep having this conversation.

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Hunter Invitational III

The Hunter Invitational III opened this summer to a warm greeting from the Chattanooga community. Featuring eight artists from the Southeast region of the United States, this exhibition includes various themes and mediums in order to bond these artists together through locality. On a personal note, this exhibit is all the more dear to Covenant students, as our own Jeffery Morton has several paintings and drawings featured in the show along with other friends to our community like Phillip Andrew Lewis and Jered Sprecher. The show will be at the Hunter through October 19th.

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If you haven’t heard, the art barn is being leveled this Fall, and bringing with it tears and anxieties about the coming years of art at Covenant. For many, the barn’s demolition was devastating news, especially for many of the seniors who looked forward to creating their SIPs in the space that has had an impact on generations of Covenant College art majors. The art department held a wake to mourn the loss of the beloved barn, which with all its kinks and cracks managed to inspire attendance from faculty, students, and staff from almost all of the departments in the college.

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