Dr. Madueme Edits Adam, the Fall, and Original Sin

On Nov. 4, Baker Academic released Adam, the Fall, and Original Sin, edited by Dr. Hans Madueme, assistant professor of theological studies here at Covenant College, and Michael Reeves, Director of Union and Senior Lecturer and theologian-at-large at Wales Evangelical School of Theology.

This book is a collection of essays from scholars in various Christian traditions that provides theological, scientific and exegetical evidence for the doctrine of original sin and the historicity of Adam and Eve in the midst of controversy and disagreement among contemporary scholars on the topics.

The book is divided into four sections: Adam in the Bible and Science, Original Sin in History, Original Sin in Theology, and finally Adam and the Fall in Dispute. Notable scholars featured in the book include Covenant Theological Seminary professors Robert Yarbrough and C. John Collins, Westminster Theological Seminary professors Carl Trueman and William Edgar, and Southern Baptist exegete Thomas Schreiner.

Dr. Madueme composed two of the book’s entries, one coauthored alongside Reeves concerning original sin in systematic theology, and one where he considers original sin in light of modern science.

Baker Academic commented on the publishing of Madueme’s book several weeks ago, stating that the piece offers a “fresh look at a heated topic in evangelical circles [that] will appeal to professors, students, and readers interested in the creation-evolution debate.”

Madueme completed his doctoral dissertation at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School on Adam and original sin under Kevin Vanhoozer also has previous experience in science and medicine, receiving his medical doctorate from Howard University College of Medicine prior to becoming a theologian. With these credentials, Madueme is more than qualified to take on the daunting task of editing an academic work that engages such controversial issue, especially in light of the modern debate regarding the historicity of Adam.

Madueme brings a professional scientific and theological perspective to the table that grants a comprehensively knowledgeable work that will likely lead to a fruitful discussion among contemporary evangelicals, both in the academy and in the church. In an interview posted on Covenant’s website on Nov. 4, Madueme said, “We wanted a book that would attempt to responsibly engage questions in one volume. The vision we had for the book wasn’t limited to the Fall, it was really about the doctrine of original sin.”

Dr. Madueme came to Covenant in the fall of 2012 after serving as an adjunct professor of theology and bioethics at Trinity International University Graduate School, and as a research scholar for the Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity. He has since been an integral part of the Covenant community, teaching the required core classes Christian Doctrine and Christian Mind, as well as several upper division theology electives, including a class this semester on the Theology of Sin, where he addresses the doctrine of original sin in light of his doctoral work on the subject. Dr. Madueme has been thoroughly involved both in the classroom and in the lives of his students, encouraging his students to wrestle with difficult questions to ultimately know God better. Senior Nate Groelsema said of Madueme: “Dr. Madueme mixes his personality with his genius. With his theological background, his convictions about what it means to know and love God are so clearly present in the way that he teaches and in the way that he loves his students.”

Dr. Madueme is married to Shelley and they have two children, Caleb and Sarah Grace. Next semester, Dr. Madueme is scheduled to teach Christian Doctrine II, Christian Mind, Theology of Scripture, and the Senior Integration Paper for Biblical and Theological Studies majors.