Meet Neely Goree

Neely Goree, also known as the new Sam Guthrie, serves Covenant's student body as the Student Leadership Coordinator, though the only way Goree actually resembles Sam Guthrie is that they both love leading and serving Covenant students.

Goree was named after “Neely Avenue,” which was a street her parents took on the way to the hospital the day she was born. She grew up in San Angelo, Texas before moving to Chicago, Illinois for college and graduate school. She is an alumnus of Moody Bible Institute and double majored in communications and Bible during her time there.

Goree isn’t all work and no play, as her first job after graduate school was as a dog walker in suburban Chicago, and she claimed that the proudest moment of her life was completing a crossword puzzle without Google.

After receiving her position at Covenant, Goree moved to the mountain a week before O-Team leaders arrived for training in a whirlwind transition from Chicago to Lookout Mountain.

Upon arrival, Goree organized and directed freshman orientation week. Once the school year was underway, "are you a freshman?" and "where do you live on campus?" questions became a normal part of her life as she was continuously mistaken as a student. Goree maintains that it is her association with orientation week rather than her height of 5'3" that causes the confusion.

Despite the new student rumors being false, Goree does actually live on campus in the guest cottages, overseeing transitional housing during Carter Hall renovations. This currently includes Ghetto in the guest cottages and Third North in a house off campus.

Goree works with Student Senate, Campus Activities Board, and Orientation Team. When asked what the highlight of her time at Covenant has been so far, Goree said, "it would be too hard to choose between Kuiet Kilter, the Student Senate retreat, and soccer games. Honestly, it has all been great!" The only thing Goree would change about Covenant is “to have the Blink open all day selling high-quality coffee.”

Working with specific sets of students has given Goree the opportunity to see how loved Covenant is by those involved in it. She emphasized that this is made possible by the “love and the support of the faculty and staff.”

Goree loves talking to students and getting to know them, especially by meeting and eating with them in the Great Hall.

Also, it just so happens that Goree’s birthday falls on the same night as “Jazz on the Overlook.” So be sure to wish one of our newest Scots a happy birthday between swing numbers and welcome her to our community in the weeks and months to come. Her office is on the second floor of the library.