Car Accidents

Last weekend, two separate groups of Covenant students were involved in car accidents in Tennessee and Georgia. Both groups walked away from the respective accidents unhurt.


Sophomore Tucker Curtis was driving his SUV to the Covenant College RUF hoedown at Cloudland Station Friday night when his car rolled several times and stopped before it hit a tree or a light pole.

Seven other students—Ann Ferris Caston, Abby St. John, Elena Sneller, Kristin Hudson, Alicia Clymer, Reid Northcutt, and Anne Northfield—were riding with Curtis to the hoedown.

They were shaken up but not injured. Caston says that all eight students escaped the wreck with only a few bruises and soreness. “All eight of us got out okay, by the grace of God,” she said the day after the accident.

Curtis believes that his back right tire popped as he was on a curve, which caused the car to roll. He said that he doesn’t know for sure if the tire popped before or after the accident, but believes that it popped as he was making the curve and caused the accident.

The SUV rolled a couple of times without hitting anything. Caston says that they missed a power pole and stopped rolling just before hitting trees.

The car behind them called 911. No one was taken to the hospital.

In Memphis Thursday night, five Covenant students were involved in a collision with another car while they were at the the International Justice Mission's 2015 Northstar Conference.

Sam Mulholland, Michaela Meneghini, Dorrit Zeigler, and Emily Kinzer were riding with Tori Pearce when they were hit on the right rear side by a someone who ran a stop sign.

The collision happened around 10 pm last Thursday in downtown Memphis. All of the students involved were unhurt.

The group had originally planned to use one 15-passenger van for the conference, but decided to drive separately instead. Pearce volunteered to be one of the drivers, not knowing what was to come.

“It wasn’t my fault at all… their insurance is paying and it will be fixed in the next few weeks, hopefully.”