Library Window

Saturday at approximately 3 pm, a student accidentally shattered one of the picture windows in the Kresge Memorial Library with a rock. The accident happened during the Founders Hunger Games event, although the student responsible was not part of the games.

A girl and two guys were sitting on the ledge outside of Kresge, lightly tossing rocks back and forth, when one of them threw a rock harder than they meant to, shattering the window.

“They were not even watching the games, as far as I can tell,” said Morgan Opgenorth, who was photographing the Hunger Games. “They were throwing rocks playfully.”

Founders Resident Director Isaiah Barnfield says that the window incident had nothing to do with the Founders event. “They were not being malicious,” he continued. “One student slung a rock a little harder than he intended and missed the other student. That rock took out the window.”

The student immediately took responsibility and notified the RD on duty.

Two students immediately took the opportunity to crawl through the broken window. “I mean, it’s once in a lifetime that you get to climb through a window in the library, right?” one of them said.

The window, which juts outward and reaches from floor to ceiling, is now boarded up and the area of glass has been cleaned up.