Carter Hunts with Snapchat

Despite the constant buzz of power tools, random holes in walls, and the displacement of two beloved halls due to construction, events like the recent Carter scavenger hunt in downtown Chattanooga still make Carter a great place to live.

Two weeks ago, Carter Hall President Matt Schroeder led the first annual Chattanooga Scavenger Hunt downtown. The Hunt was open to non-Carter residents, but was organized and sponsored by the Carter Hall Cabinet. Over 50 students showed up in 12 teams ready to tackle the 75 objectives prepared for them.

Each team recorded their completed objectives by sending a Snapchat to the Carter Snapchat account. Teams who were more creative in their Snaps were scored slightly higher than teams who were less artful. Objectives were either social (e.g. “Find a street musician and sing a song with them”) or locative (e.g. “Clothe a naked statue”) in nature.

The Carter account received over 450 snapchats within the two hours, which is equivalent to roughly one Snapchat every 15 seconds.  “It was a challenge to keep up with the incoming Snapchats, but once we got a system, we really enjoyed seeing the fun everyone was having throughout Chattanooga,” said Matt Schroeder.

Some of the most memorable Snaps received were of groups completing tasks such as “Get a selfie with an elderly couple,” “Encourage a jogger like he’s finishing a marathon,” and “Get a stranger to kiss you on the cheek.”

First place went to the team of Taylor Bloye, Kaitlyn Sirmons, Hannah Davidson, Luke Harvey, and Ellie Blauw who each enjoyed their prize of a Halloween candy pumpkin bucket filled to the brim with tasty treats.

Despite the consistent inconveniences of the Carter restoration, residents of this time-tested building can remember the successful hunt and look forward to the next Carter event, Cafe Literati, and other upcoming events like Carter Christmas.