Connecting Student Leaders

Every spring semester, dozens upon dozens of Covenant students fill out extensive student leadership applications, in the hopes of serving their fellow Scots through leadership in the fall.

These applicants contend for a number of different positions that suit their various interests, including Resident Assistants, Discipleship Coordinators, O-Team leaders, Campus Activities Board members, and Diversity leaders.

In the past, all of these leaders have been completely separate, attending to very different goals. This fragmented nature of student leadership is soon to change.

During this past fall semester, the Covenant Student Life staff, in particular the Student Leadership Committee, began a discussion that led to new ideas regarding the network of student leaders on campus.

Newly Goree, coordinator of the committee, clarified that the committee is not necessarily looking to make changes to the current organization of student leaders but rather explained that the staff hopes to create a more unified experience for all student leaders in the future.

The name of the program that the committee has in mind to accomplish this goal is CC Lead (Covenant College Lead). The student life staff even worked with the communications department to develop their own brand label. Now, as Goree says, it’s all about using the terminology and having it catch on.

Working together as a team, the student leadership committee developed the idea CC Lead to be a group of all Covenant’s student leaders that would meet at a conference in early April (a conference that has already been planned for several years) to learn more about what being a true godly leader looks like in practical ways. The conference would also host various speakers to help students engage with different ideas and methods of Christian leadership.

Goree and her crew hope that student leaders will walk away with a more unified mindset and realize that although they serve in different capacities, they are ultimately striving towards the same goal: to direct their peers towards Christ. To be a part of CC Lead would promote this attitude of solidarity.

“Students could learn from each other and use each other as resources because they often don’t realize how much they have to teach other,” Goree says. For example, she elaborated, an RA who listens to a student raise an issue on campus could then point that student to Student Senate or another outlet where it would be more useful to have that discussion and perhaps then make changes accordingly. Goree places significant emphasis on the word collaboration in describing her future hopes for the program.  

Although the CC Lead program is not necessarily concrete as of yet, the cement mix and water continue to be stirred by the mental machines of the Student Leadership Committee. Check out their cool logo and stay tuned for the pouring ceremony.