Carter Update

Carter Hall Renovations. Photo credit: Michael Fuller

Carter Hall Renovations. Photo credit: Michael Fuller

Carter Hall renovations have progressed to Phase Two, which will include more double windows, a new roof, stucco, and stonework around the veranda for the north-central portion of the building. This phase is due for completion in May.

Although Phase Two has begun, construction on the North Porch and Carter Tower have encountered unexpected set-backs. According to David Northcutt, campus architect, construction workers found concrete high in the tower that needed repairs. Next up, they will need to install the crenellations, which are the square cutouts around the edge, and will restore the tower to its former castle-like appearance. To complete the tower and install the heavy crenellations, a crane is scheduled to  arrive in mid-February and will stay on campus for about three weeks.

“It will be pretty disruptive for the path from the North Lot. It will alter pedestrian routes around Carter, Probasco and the North Lot,” said Northcutt. The tower will not be completed until early March.

“There was also a concrete issue with the North Porch. After demolition we discovered the tops of the columns were deteriorated so we have been working on a remedy for the column caps and then we’ll begin the stucco work,” said Northcutt. The North Porch is expected to be completed  in the coming weeks.  

The winter weather is also a concern for staying on track with the construction plans but the contractor has some strategies.  If you have looked at Carter recently, you will notice the large white tent covering the section currently being renovated.

“The weather is one of the reasons for the tent on the outside of Carter. The contractor is heating the tented area so they can continue to work on the stucco,” said Northcutt.

Carter residents have been rearranged once again with the onset of Phase Two. “Because the construction is now happening in the north-central portion of the building we had to relocate those students to the north end of the building where the construction is now complete. This would be 2C, some of 3C, and 4N. The men from Ghetto and the ladies from 3N are still in transitional housing,” said Jonathan Ingraham, Associate Dean of Students.  

“The comment I have heard the most from students in these rooms is how much they love the new windows in the rooms. They talk about how much light they bring in and how big they are,” Ingraham said.

Northcutt said that he too has received positive feedback about Carter’s new exterior.