Another Carter Update

As students returned from Spring Break, the newly renovated Carter Tower rose over the trees to welcome them back to campus. The crane, which installed the precast panels over the break, has left. The extended fencing in Carter Circle is being removed as well.

In an email to the student body, campus architect David Northcutt thanked the community for their patience, sacrifice (especially from the Carter residents), and flexibility. He explained that the last major piece of the tower to be installed will be the cupola, arriving in mid-April, which is a large light that will sit on the very top of the tower.

Students who were required to leave their rooms during lifting days now have unrestricted access to their rooms. Several departments have also begun to move back to their north hall office spaces on the first floor.

Karianne Still (‘17) lives on Fourth North, although this semester their hall transitioned to Third North due to the fourth floor reconstruction. She is relieved that the crane has finished its work.

“I am extremely grateful that I can resume normal day routines and activities,” Still said. “When the crane was here, I felt rushed and wasn’t able to function during the day. But I am also thankful to Student Development and other people on campus for being gracious about opening their doors and halls and being receptive of us. I have gotten to know some new people and it’s been nice. But again, thankful the crane is gone.”

Hayley Barnfield, the Student Development Office Coordinator, is excited to move back into Carter. Student Development has been in the library since August and announced on Tuesday, March 15 that they were officially back in Carter.

I just started this position this past August so we have been in the Library since I started.  Everyone is enjoying their new office space already,” said Barnfield. “I am hoping this will bring more student traffic to our office. I love having students dropping in to say hi and taking candy off my desk.”

The Office of Records moved from their temporary office space in Brock back to Carter on March 15. David Darden, Assistant Registrar, is glad to be moving back into his regular office.

“We are thankful to everyone for bearing with us during the move. We are looking forward to the larger space. The folks who work and study in Brock have been gracious hosts,” said Darden.

Dean of Records Rodney Miller, who has worked in Carter 135 for 24 years and counting, has definitely missed the view from his office.

“It has been delightful being neighbors with the community development, economics, education, and history departments.  All of the Brock Hall faculty and staff (and occasionally Brian Fikkert) welcomed us, and I have enjoyed the view from my temporary office to get some great pictures of the Carter Tower crowning. I will say that being in Brock Hall we seemed to have fewer visits from students, which I missed, since we were not as readily assessable as being near the Great Hall, and the inclement weather did keep me from visiting the Great Hall as frequently for a beverage. I look forward to easier access to students and the Great Hall, and my view from Carter Hall,” said Miller.

The new scaffolding along the back entrance of Carter is in preparation for the third phase of construction, which is due to begin this summer. In his email, Northcutt requested that pedestrian traffic through that door be for emergencies only.

Many people seem pleased with the renovations so far.

“I love how Carter is looking -- it is beautiful. I’m thankful for the construction workers putting in endless hours of work. I can’t wait for it to be finished and see the final product!” said Still.