Freshman Election Results

Newly-elected Freshman Class President Liam Ohrvall. Photo by Reed Schick.

Newly-elected Freshman Class President Liam Ohrvall. Photo by Reed Schick.

Another year at Covenant means another freshman class presidential election. The following five candidates: John Bae, Emily Brauer, Jack Edling, Miller Green, and Liam Ohrvall, campaigned with slogans, posters, and even short videos. John Bae advertised himself primarily through posters with his campaign slogan, “Bae is the Way,” while Jack Edling made himself known by his two hats. One proudly possessed his four-letter name across his head while the other, a top hat, served as a key touch to his campaign slogan: “Don’t just vote for a class president. Vote for a classy president.”

Emily advertised her candidacy with a poster playing on the historical phrase, “Keep Calm and Vote for Emily.” Miller Green hung photos of herself standing juxtaposed by four tall men to drive home her slogan, “Little Girl. Big Plans.” Additionally, she published updates on her campaign Instagram page that bore the same name as her slogan. Liam Ohrvall also utilized the popular social media site, presenting a short video of himself marching in step with bagpipe-playing Hezekiah Brown to appeal to student’s school pride. “There’s nothing more key to Covenant than the bagpipes,” he stated.

    Despite a two day delay due to Hurricane Irma, the candidates stood before their class on Wednesday, September 13, in Mills 160 for the class debates. After giving an introductory address (where Jack Edling notably rapped his entire speech), the moderator posed questions, and the candidates answered. “They [the debates] were really helpful in cementing my vote” stated one freshman.

    Due to the close results at the polls the next day, a runoff election took place between Liam Ohrvall and Miller Green. Inspired to run for office by Neely Goree, Coordinator of Student Leadership, Miller had a simple campaign strategy: “Meet people; get to know them.” As she ran, she began to learn more about the nature of leadership, stating, “It’s humbling having to ask people for things. It made me think about hearing people in a different way because I had to listen to the needs of the community first.” Liam Ohrvall expressed a similar sentiment, stating his reason for running for office: “I saw it as a great opportunity to serve the freshman class.”

    After another day of voting, Student Senate announced Liam Ohrvall as the freshman class president. Originally from Weatherford, TX, Liam now resides in Brethren hall in Belz tower. Between the heavy load of his double majors in International Studies and Psychology, he loves to participate in CrossFit and model-Un and makes time to appreciate art, specifically cinematography. You’ll be hardpressed to find him out of professional dress and not wearing one of his twenty ties: 10 neckties and 10 bowties—even during a nap, as I caught him. He attributes his fondness for dressing up to his father, a lawyer, who modeled this for him at an early age.

Along with his other duties—planning events for the class, delegating and administrating clubs, and voting on committees—he desires, above all, to represent the interests of the freshman class and happily invites his peers to come to him with their concerns and ideas to help him fulfill that office. He also hopes that freshman would consider following his official Instagram page, @presliamofficial, as a means of contacting him as well as a way to keep up to date on class affairs.  

“Since he won the election, I’ve seen Liam put considerable effort in preparing for the position,” said one freshman. Runner-up Miller Green stated in an interview, “I think Liam will do a great job. He takes it very seriously.”