In the past couple of years, Chattanooga has often struggled through heartache, including numerous shootings and the recent Woodmore bus crash. However, God is always faithful to redeem times of loss, specifically showing his presence through the local good Samaritans who responded to these events. These loving locals are what prompted Blake Canterbury to kickstart a new online portal for meeting community needs, Purposity.

As revealed in The Times Free Press, The Maclellan Foundation, the Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga, and a few citizens helped to establish Purposity Chattanooga, bringing awareness to the city by finding purpose through generosity. This new online database matches the numerous needs in the area with networking donors, enabling Chattanoogans to serve their neighbors in a new and unique way.

Hamilton County public school students are currently the priority, considering twenty-thousand of these students are living at or below the poverty line which often deprives them of necessary uniforms, school supplies, and other educational tools. Social workers and guidance counselors are staying up to date with what their students need, thus sending out informational texts which are relayed to committed donors. Donors are free to browse lists online and give when they choose. These items are available through Amazon, which promptly delivers to schools.

Overall, Purposity partners with nonprofits to stay up-to-date with needs in the area. Maeghan Jones, president of the Community Foundation, states, “Through Purposity, anyone can be a philanthropist. Every need met will have an impact, and together we can transform a community.”

Jones also emphasized how Purposity is employing the incessant use of social media to reach a broader audience. Needs are posted and met in real-time.

The founder of Purposity himself, Blake Canterbury, claims, “It’s extremely simple, extremely easy, and very straightforward.” Basically, helping the community is now accessible through a few taps of the finger.

Purposity is not just confined to Chattanooga. Its website lists the portal breaking through in other locations like Birmingham, Alabama, Denver, Austin, Texas, and other various locations in Georgia.