First Ever Hall Cup Game Show


On February 3, Covenant College hosted the first event of the Hall Cup. The Cup started off with a bang with the Hall Cup Game Show, hosted by Annie Minton and Alec Burris.

There were games ranging from the Price is Right — during which Reed Schick took an astounding sweep, not only of the game, but of the room — to a new mix on the Newlywed game called Roommate. This game tested how well one team member from each hall knew their roommate.

Founders and Mac both had a great turnout and strong support. Because of that, each took home the gold and earned a whopping seven hundred and fifty points for their teams during the night. Carter and Andreas, on the other hand, struggled a little, and left with only five hundred points for Carter and four hundred points for Andreas.

But, there is still hope for those buildings to make a comeback. Not only will there be smaller competitions throughout the rest of the year potentially earning buildings fifteen to fifty points, but there is also one more huge competition near the end of the year which will decide which building is truly the greatest.

The building that wins the Hall Cup will receive a human-sized trophy that they will be able to hold onto until next year's games and will also claim bragging rights against all other teams as proof they are the best.

The Hall Cup debuted this year, but Carter Hall President, Tindol Pate, said, “It’s something Dean Voyles has wanted to see happen for several years.” Pate recalls the original idea for some kind of a competition began between her and Joseph Comer, Founders President, last spring.

All four Resident Hall Presidents (Tindol Pate, Joseph Comer, Madalyn Ames, and Molly Lattner) worked together to make that idea a reality. Pate says the goal of this competition is to “cultivate building identity and healthy cross-campus competition.”

They have many more great competitions and games planned for the near future, so come on out and show that your building is the best!

Want to start earning points for your team? Fifteen points goes to the building that can correctly guess which buildings are the eagle wings, antlers, paw prints, and wolf fangs. I guess you will just have to come to the next hall game to find out.