Welcoming Covenant's Newest Faculty Members

This fall, Covenant welcomed two new members to its faculty: Lindsey Fain, MEd, and Arwen Matos-Wood, MBA. Though neither are unfamiliar with our campus and the work that happens within our community, this is their first year as full-time faculty members. With their combination of extensive experience and diverse backgrounds, Fain and Matos-Wood are valuable additions to Covenant’s campus.

Fain’s role as Associate Dean of the Graduate School of Education is fitting considering she participated in many of the same Covenant programs during her work towards her BA and MEd degrees. She returns to us from Dothan, Alabama, where she served as the Dean of Women and a rhetoric instructor at Providence Christian School for six years.

An avid athlete, Fain earned many awards as a Lady Scot. Currently, she enjoys CrossFit as well as supporting her children in their athletic endeavors. She and her husband Chris, also a Covenant graduate, have three children: John Parker (10), Maggie Kate (7), and Merritt (2).

She is “thrilled to be back at Covenant, as it allows [her] the opportunity give back to a place that was transformational in producing a life-long love of learning  and continues to compel [her] to implement that knowledge in constructive and redeeming ways.”

Professor Matos-Wood, a familiar face to some after spending last semester as an adjunct, is ready to join Covenant College as a full time Assistant Professor of Marketing. This transition follows an extensive marketing career wherein she worked with various big-name labels such as Frito-Lay and Bush Brothers & Company. All you have to do is stop by her office and look at her shelves to get a glimpse of the exciting career she’s had!

Matos-Wood holds a BA from Pennsylvania's Thomas Jefferson University, and an MBA from the University of North Carolina. She and her husband Joe have two daughters, Lauren (11) and Kathryn (14). Although she has lived in several different cities and states, she and her family have grown to love Chattanooga. They’ve become involved with the Calvary Chapel community in addition to supporting and investing in several city projects. A self-made career woman, Matos-Wood achieved great success in marketing before passionately beginning a second career as a teacher. However, she sees her family--including their 3 cats and 2 dogs--as her biggest and most surprising blessing.

These two women have already achieved a great deal before joining us, and it will be a delight for students, faculty, and staff to see how they will help to grow and challenge the Covenant community. Stop by Fain’s office in Brock, or Matos-Wood’s in Mills, linger for a moment to chat, and see what they’re up to as they begin their work here.