Ghetto's Bricks

The changes to Carter Hall have instituted a number of shifts for the Covenant community.  Relocations of offices and students have caused students to readjust on different levels.  We, the gentlemen of Ghetto, have felt this wave of change more than most: the cottages, the development of our frontiersman skills, and, most recently, the removal of the bricks from the hall.  The issue has been present in the past, as various other halls have brought attention to the fact that the Ghetto is the only painted hall on campus.  Covenant has a strict rule that no hall can paint their walls.  Though we the current students did not paint the hall, the fact that it is painted still violates said rule.  The hall was first painted in the 1980’s and various times between then and its most recent coat of red and white in 2005.  Because of its history, this removal has been felt heavily by the Ghetto community, both past and present.  Many alumni have expressed concern, offering to donate money to repaint.  For many, the bricks are a symbol of community and the history of the brotherhood on our hall.  They are an example of the unique character and identity that halls at Covenant pride themselves on.  This culture of hall tradition and community is a major selling point for many who have decided to come to Covenant and live here for four years. Many fear that this is a further step towards suppressing and marginalizing hall identity that is not just unique to our hall, but something that is cherished campus-wide. Thus, a debate has unfolded that concerns the recent change and we hope to continue discussions with the administration.