Cafe 7 Food Review

A few weeks ago I was tasked with writing a food review on Rock City’s new restaurant, Cafe 7. I happily accepted this task, as food is one of my great passions in this life. Rock City was extremely accommodating in scheduling a tasting for me. Their PR team was so kind and excited to further connect Rock City and Covenant. If you’re looking for a scenic spot to take your mom or dad or siblings during their next trip to Lookout, Cafe 7 is the place for you!

When we arrived, we were seated right on the Seven States overlook. Our waitress was extremely friendly and served as the perfect example of the Southern hospitality that Rock City seeks to provide for its customers. She also offered us lemon with our sweet tea which in my book is an immediate sign of good service.

Between the three of us—my out-of-town friend, Courtney, Covenant’s own, Gus Diamondidis, and myself—we ordered three appetizers, three entrees, and two desserts. Our table was absolutely full of Southern delicacies. I’d like to first comment on the fried green tomatoes (of which I am an extremely harsh judge). They were exceptional and made me miss home—i.e. were as deep fried and delicious as possible. We also tried their burger which comes on a Niedlov’s bun with house cut fries, which was as equally scrumptious as the chicken salad sandwich, pimento cheese, and house salad.

I was obviously unable to order anything alcoholic, but I read through the drink menu and it looked tasty and affordable. I also heard great things about a particular peach brew from the staff there. I’m just giving you all something to look forward to for life after Covenant during midterm season.

Lastly, I’d like to touch on the dessert. Holy moly! I have thought about their banana pudding probably once a day for the last two weeks. We also tried the peach cobbler skillet—they cook each one in an individual skillet—and if that doesn’t scream a good Southern work ethic coming out of a restaurant, I don’t know what does! I’d like to thank Rock City for providing me with such a pleasant lunch, beautiful views, food that made me feel like I was back home, and the ability to skip dinner that night because I absolutely did not need any after the lunch they provided for me!