Founders: More than Communal Bathrooms and Weirdos

Entrepreneurs in Founders have recently started a full-service barbershop in one of the bathrooms. Go figure. (Photo by Reed Schick.)

Entrepreneurs in Founders have recently started a full-service barbershop in one of the bathrooms. Go figure. (Photo by Reed Schick.)

When I applied for housing the Spring before my freshman year at Covenant, I knew exactly what I wanted. Maclellan and Rymer halls seemed to be ideal — suite-styled rooms and a study room! They were exactly what I wanted. And if I couldn’t get in Mac, then Carter would be awesome too.

As a history major, the idea of living in Carter was pretty appealing. Even Andreas sounded pretty fun. But Founders? Never! Even from just visiting, I knew that Founders had a reputation for being the dorm of weird people. I wanted to be considered a smart person, so I knew I had to live in Mac. Plus communal bathrooms? Gross! Nope. Not for me. Plus, I was homeschooled so I never had the gym shower experience and the idea of a girl on my hall walking into the bathroom while was showering honestly freaked me out.

Flash forward to when I received my housing. It was ten o’clock at night and I was on Facebook and I saw one of the guys ask on the Covenant College Class of 2020 page where everyone would be living. I nervously went and checked my email. Opening the email I saw that I was on Balcony in FOUNDERS! I cried a lot. I even went and woke my mom up and cried some more. There was nothing to do, but suck it up and get through my freshmen year.

I was wrong. So very wrong. In fact, I will passionately defend Founders from any attacker. I have thousands of reasons why I love Founders, but I only have 200-400 words left. One of the first things I fell in love with about Founders was Rocky. I am a dog person. I like all animals, but dogs and I share a special bond. I missed my dog a lot and finding out that Founders had a dog, well that sold me on Founders. Seeing Rocky just brightens my day.

The halls in Founders are some of the closest halls I have seen. Now I believe that almost all halls at Covenant are close, but there is something special in Founders. Maybe it is because we all share our bathrooms or we have to walk through our commons to leave (okay, except for Rayburn, but they have ovens that draw people from all over the building). I love my hall and they are a great part of why I am back in Founders for my sophomore year.

In Founders, everyone is accepted as they are. If you walk into Founders, you will see some of the most creative people on campus. There are so many diverse interests that you can always find someone who has a similar interest as you. If you like pranks, dancing, acting, sports, writing, music, or video games, there are people who live in Founders who will embrace who you are. As people, we are not all the same and, as Christians, we are called to love each other where we are. Sometimes, just like the other buildings, we as a community can get so caught up in the stereotypes, but Founder’s culture shows that we are all weirdos and we need to be accepted for who we are.

Finally, we have an awesome Resident Director who does everything he can to make Founders a great place to live. Isaiah Barnfield has worked tirelessly to come up with new and fun events for Founders. A great example would be the Foundies which took place for the first time last April. Isaiah is also responsible for our awesome movie room and new pool table.

To be completely honest, communal bathrooms are not that bad at all. Life in Founders is so awesome and I would not trade that for my own bathroom. The other dorm buildings are great and I am sure I would love living there, but Founders is something unique and the community is amazing. I came in my freshman year as a very reluctant tenant, but this year I came in excited as a proud member of Founders.