Dear Taylor Swift

Dear Taylor Swift,

I come before you a humble fangirl, haunted by the lack of a new album to call mine. You and I had a nice vibe going—every time I got tired of your most recent album (about every two years or so), you released a new one! That kind of chemistry is undeniable and I have to say, “1989” just isn’t cutting it for me anymore. New York isn’t waiting for me. The space isn’t blank and with no new music, I can’t write your name next to “favorite artist.”

I’m stuck on a mountain and it doesn’t look like I’m coming out of the woods anytime soon. Literally all you have to do is stay in the industry and release another album. I tried to accept the fact that you weren’t releasing an album on October 23, 2016 (I knew the conspiracy theory would be wrong), but I can’t shake it off anymore.

I wish you would release another album. I hate to admit this, but your lack of consistency after releasing a new album every 2 years for 10 years has honestly put some bad blood between me and you. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You could just release the songs we all know you’ve been writing and make all of our wildest dreams come true.

That’s just how you get the girls (and boys) to keep listening to your music. I thought I was okay with it, but this love for your music is alive, back from the dead. I know places that would sell your album. You don’t have to worry about numbers; I’m sure you could reach a clean 2 million album purchases.

Just think, a world with a sixth Taylor Swift studio album would be a wonderland. You are in love with songwriting, don’t deny yourself anymore. Think of all the new romantics without a new T-Swizzle song by which to define their relationship.

I know all too well that you need some time to be your own person, but the story of us (you + your fans) can’t be over. Please don’t wait until it’s too late for you and your white horse to come around. No one will ever know what it’s like to be older than 22. Please release an album, so we can all reminisce back to December, the time that you wiped away all the teardrops on our guitars. Tell me why there is so much anguish. Why would you want to break the perfectly good hearts of all your fans?

Everything has changed. 2017 must be something more than replaying “1989.” This is the last time I’m asking you this, because, believe me, missing you is dark grey all alone.

Sadly, beautifully, tragically,

Your #1 Swiftie