Pugh Review - New Chattanooga Eats

After a long work day, the UTC traffic zoo at 5 p.m., and an impressively tight parallel parking job, I was distraught to walk up to the Yellow Deli and find it was closed for yet another religious holiday.

For a few minutes, I stood there, stomach rumbling, in disbelief and with a deep sense of betrayal. How dare they close when I had a deep craving for one of my favorite sandwiches. Once I had grieved this sandwich loss and recovered, I had to figure out what my backup plan was to get good food into my stomach fast. So, I turned to the list I keep on my phone of new Chattanooga restaurants to try and thought I would share those eateries with you, the hungry public.

Mayan Kitchen: This new hot spot has been open for a few months, but I haven’t made my way over there yet. Located on Broad Street in the heart of downtown, the Mayan Kitchen offers more than just a cool vibe. It adds to Chatt’s sorely lacking ethnic food options and has some promise. I am excited to try the Parillada Chapina, Pollo Relleno, and, for brunch, I love a good Huevos Rancheros.

Dos Bros: We have all mourned the sad fact that our fair city does not have a Chipotle. Mojo Burrito can satisfy our cravings, but the reality is that it is overpriced and their $1 Sunday tacos, while cheap, are pretty dry and flavorless. Enter Dos Bros, essentially another Chipotle replica. This is where I landed after the Yellow Deli let me down and it was solid, though nothing original. I go the barbacoa bowl and it is a satisfying meal, moderately priced, but boasting no new flavors or combinations.

State of Confusion: Is just that. 1/3 indoor, 1/3 outdoor, and then 1/3 indoor again—half restaurant, half bar is just an odd experience. Perhaps oddest of all is its mostly seafood menu consisting mainly of different types of ceviche. With entrees ranging from $16 to $38, this new place isn’t exactly affordable or impressive. While the restaurant was trying to play at the location’s former name “Estate of Confusion,” I don’t think they intended for their food to be what was confusing. With mussels, avocado toast, and monkey bread all right next to each other, it’s hard to tell what kind of food they are actually good at making. Are they a good seafood place or are they trying too hard to be quirky and appeal to millennials?

405 Mid-East Bistro: Now this one I am excited about. I treated myself to this Greek-infused restaurant last Friday night and it did not disappoint. There will more than likely be an in-depth review of this delicious establishment at a later date, but for now just know that you should go ahead and get the large hummus appetizer because you won’t be able to get enough and all their shawarma is good shawarma.

These are the restaurants up next on my list of Chattanooga eateries, but one of the things I love about this city is that there is always somewhere new to try. Let me know what you think when you visit these new places and where you think I should be eating the next time my favorite sectarian restaurant has an untimely religious holiday.