The Crime of Sk80s

Back to the Future. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Billy Joel. Bon Jovi. Ronald Reagan. What do all of these things have in common? They all belong in the 1980s. I have always loved the ‘80s. The movies, the music, the look — all of it. I grew up with parents who were my age in the ‘80s, so that culture was a part of my childhood. The music of the 1980s in particular bound my family together, so when I heard about ‘80s Skate Night, or Sk80s, I was hooked. My freshman year, I waited impatiently for February. That winter break, I went to Goodwill with my mom and she helped me pick out the perfect outfit. I was ready.

Flashforward a month and a half, and it was the big night. Being able to skate and jam to ‘80s music was amazing, and I can honestly say it is my favorite event of the year. But now that I have been through two of these events, I believe a major problem needs to be addressed.

The music was amazing, but for the crime of Sk80s: no Huey Lewis and the News was played. Huey Lewis is a classic of the 1980s. His music has been most famously featured in movies such as Back to the Future — a timeless film. Huey Lewis communicates stories through his music, such as in “If This Is It,” where Huey is trying to guess where his relationship is once the woman he pines after starts ignoring him. With the sweet music of the saxophone playing in the background, the listener is captivated by Huey’s smooth, deep voice.

Other songs such as “The Heart of Rock and Roll” communicate how rock and roll music binds Americans together from all across the country. “Do You Believe in Love”  and “Stuck With You” explain what it means to be in love. And of course, “The Power of Love” has the timeless lyrics I am sure you all know: “You don't need money, don't take fame/Don't need no credit card to ride this train/It's strong and it's sudden and it's cruel sometimes/But it might just save your life/That's the power of love/That's the power of love.”

Huey Lewis is a classic of the 1980s. The fact he was excluded from the playlist of Sk80s is cruel and unusual punishment. His music is timeless and should be enjoyed by the Covenant community. His lyrics are easy to sing along to and will be stuck in your head all day. His music binds people together. If you have never heard of Huey Lewis and the News, search them on YouTube. I promise you won’t be disappointed by this ageless master. Sk80s is still my favorite Covenant event, but it would become a much better event if we had the jazzy rock and roll of Huey Lewis and the News to skate to.