The Heart of the Issue

With the numerous shootings that have taken place in the past few years, it is no wonder there is a large push for sterner gun control regulations. A tense debate has sprung up because of it, creating discord throughout the nation. Some people are calling for guns to be banned while others are renewing their N.R.A. memberships. Yet what is the deeper problem? Is it guns? Is it because the guilty are too medicated or not medicated enough? Is it regulation? And how do we take care of the problem?

I argue we cannot take care of the problem in the ways that we want to. Sure, guns can be banned (in an extreme example), but the black market and other illegal means are still a source to obtain guns, leaving innocent civilians unable to defend themselves if necessary. Yet at the same time, in some states (I don’t know about all states), some gun laws are too loose, making it too easy for irresponsible people to obtain them. More careful screening could be done about mental health, but some mental illnesses could be easily hidden. Teachers could be armed, but at the same time, there could be problems there as well. A student could get a gun off the teacher, or the teacher could be the one with malicious intent. I am a strong believer in liberty and want people to have the choice to own guns, but at the same time, I do not want innocent people to suffer at the hands of the cruel because of guns.

But guns are not the problem. Neither is mental illness or the issues being discussed in the media today. The problem is the heart. If someone had the strong desire to kill someone, they would use any means that they had to take that life, whether they had a gun or not. If we banned guns, that does not change a person’s heart or motive. They will just find another way to do it. No amount of legislation can change every single person with murderous intent, and it would be wrong for us to assume that if only the right law was passed, then everything would change and these horrible events would change.

The only thing that can change corrupt people is a Savior. Only Jesus can change hearts and minds. As Christians, we should be using this as an opportunity to pray for our nation, our world, and become even more adamant about spreading the gospel to every single person. While this will not stop sin on earth, it gives us hope for what is to come.

I have no definite answers about what is the best way to handle the gun control issue. Yet, what I do know is the problem will not end because of earthly means. We are sinful human beings, and that will not change until we die or until the Lord comes back. Yet these horrible events should spur us on in our calling to spread the Gospel. If the shootings have taught me anything, it is that life is short, and we should not waste a minute by not proclaiming Christ in every outlet we have.