Should We be Angry at God?

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I’ve heard it said everywhere. From trusted people in the church. At a Christian Conference. On Christian websites. That idea that it’s okay to be angry at God. That because He can handle it, we should be encouraged to do it.

I understand that people, including myself, have gone through some pretty tough spots in life, and that sometimes it’s only natural to question why we have to go through what we’re going through. After all, wasn’t David pretty open about his feelings in the Psalms? And Job more than ready to express his anger? Moses had his moments. Jonah had his doubts. So why not be angry at God?

Going back to the people in the Bible, while David was open about his doubts, he concluded them with a resolve to trust God (Psalm 38:15, 88:13, etc.). After Job told God his questions, God reminded him Who it was that was there at the creation of the world (Job 38:4-7). When Moses faltered at the burning bush (Exodus 3), God prompted him to go anyway, and God answered Jonah’s anger with a “Is it right for you to be angry…” (Jonah 4:9a, NKJV). Life is hard, and the last thing I want to do is minimize that, to say that people’s pain isn’t real. Because it is. But the more I see people’s pain, and my own, the more I realize that the greatest comfort and peace that could ever be found is rooted in trusting and leaning on the God Who is moved by love and compassion for us (Matthew 9:36), and Who weeps with us when we weep (Romans 12:15, John 11:35). I know no greater joy than that inexplicable peace which comes from leaning on God after a time of deep sadness and trusting even when we don’t understand. I’ve learned that there’s great value in opening even the deepest, darkest parts of our hearts to God in prayer, in knowing that He sees it all\ anyway. And that’s why I think that the answer to life’s hardest questions, while it does involve being transparent about feelings and emotions and doubts, is not ultimately solved by being angry at God, but by trusting Him. Anger may be a step in the process to work through. Emotions are normal. But, if you’ll allow me the freedom to say this, we should never make anger at God the final step, because there’s no such thing as true joy and peace until we surrender in trust to the One who gives those very things freely. God is faithful. It’s only when we let go of our anger towards Him that we can fully rest in that.

Don’t be angry. Trust.