What Deflategate?

Lookout Mountain, GA, September 16, 2015 -- New England and its fans can now breathe; Tom Brady’s four game suspension was erased by a federal judge. On Sept. 3, U.S. District Judge Richard M. Berman erased Brady’s suspension, allowing him to play against the Pittsburgh Steelers opening night. Failure for the suspension to be upheld is just another botched punishment that Commissioner Roger Goodell has on his resume. Most NFL fans were furious about the outcome of the trial, but the fans of the Patriots were happy to hear that their Super Bowl MVP was coming back for opening night.

Brady was expected to be back for week six, being able to play against the Indianapolis Colts and intensifying the rivalry between the two teams.  The Colts were seeking revenge, feeling cheated out of last year’s Deflategate game.  Since the ruling granted Brady his four games, it allowed him to play in a game he was supposed to be suspended for.  Not only did Brady play, he was close to being unstoppable, going 25/32 for 288 yards with four touchdowns and a win.  Brady’s stats were not the only thing that made the headlines; the Steelers had problems working their headset.  Instead of being able to communicate with each other, the coaching staff picked up the Patriots’ radio broadcast.  The National Football League (NFL) cleared the Patriots of headset suspicion, but it seems like the Patriots have a history of making the headlines for the wrong reason.

Allowing Brady to play opening night has made a big impact on the American Football Conference (AFC).  Without Brady in the lineup, the Patriots had a possibility of going 1-3, losing to the Steelers, Buffalo Bills, and Dallas Cowboys.  With Brady in the lineup, the Patriots are considered to be one of the best teams in the league.  This has shaken up many sports analysts’ preseason prediction of the Patriots having to climb their way back to be in the playoff picture.  Like last year, the Patriots will be one of the favorites to be back in the Super Bowl in February.

Brady took the field again on Sunday, Sept. 20, dominating the Buffalo Bills in a historic performance. In a game where he was, once again, supposed to be sidelined, Brady threw for 466 yards, the most the Bills have allowed since their existence, and another three touchdowns. Instead of being out of commision Brady is currently leading the NFL in passing yards.

Brady will be back in action Sunday Sept. 27 against the Jacksonville Jaguars, where Brady will look to add to his NFL best totals.