Chasing 73: Warriors' Record Season

As I sat down to write this article about the Golden State Warriors, I found myself scrolling through their game schedule in awe. The line of green Ws signifying a win never seemed to end; any occasional red-colored loss was drowned out in a sea of record setting wins. With a record of 67-7 as of March 30th, the Warriors find themselves chasing the Chicago Bulls NBA record season that will not easily be forgotten.

In 1995-96, the Bulls made history with 72 wins and 10 losses. Led by Michael Jordan, the Bulls had all eyes on them as they won game after game, setting records along the way. The season climaxed in the NBA playoffs and finals. Losing a single game in the playoffs, and only two games in the Finals, the Bulls ended the season by defeating Seattle in game 6 of the NBA championship.

This year, the Golden State Warriors are looking for that 73. If they win 73 games, one more than MJ and the Bulls, the Warriors will have a highly coveted NBA record to their name. Let’s look at their season so far.

Starting with a 24 game winning streak before falling to Milwaukee, the Warriors broke a 131-year-old record of the best start to a season in any professional sport in America. Led by All-Stars Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson, the Warriors have a stellar team. Curry himself broke numerous three-point records this season. Looking at a game by game comparison of the Warriors and the Bulls, it is amazing how closely the two seasons line up. Where they stand currently, the Warriors are ahead of the Bulls. After the Bulls 74th game, they were 66-8, but the Warriors are 67-7.

One thing about the Warriors stands out above all else, and that is their teamwork. Warriors board member Jerry “Mr. Clutch” West claims that the players all like each other and it shows on the court. Just think about the team Coach Steve Kerr has put together. On the one hand you’ve got Steph Curry, humble and calm and 6’3”. On the other hand there’s Green, 230 pounds, 6’7” and according to his teammates he can outalk anyone. With Green as forward, Curry and Thompson playing guard and guys like Andrew Bogut as center, the Warriors earned this season through solid teamwork.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Curry shows a little bit of the team’s down to earth attitude when he says, “There’s no way I’m not gonna have fun. I never fail to savor it.” Curry and the rest of the team realize that this season is not going to last forever, and they want to enjoy their success while playing the game that they love. Keenly aware of why people still talk about the 1995-96 Bulls, the Warriors remain humble while ardently striving to achieve the same status as the Bulls.

With eight games left, the Warriors can only afford to lose two more games and still beat the Bulls’ record.