Introducing Coach Culver

Perhaps you’ve recently seen Kobe Bryant gracing the grounds of our beautiful campus; be ye not confused. What you may initially believe to be the Black Mamba is, in actuality, our very own Covenant Men’s Basketball Coach Arte Culver. I was able to ask Coach Culver a few questions in order that we as a campus community might get to know him a little better.

Q. What factors attracted you to Covenant?

A. Covenant is a unique trifecta of great academics, great people, and a basketball program that has experienced some success and is trending upward.  As I went through the interview process I found myself more attracted to the school the more I learned about Covenant and interacted with the people that I'd be working with.  Stepping on campus and taking in the view from Lookout Mountain was the icing on the cake for me.  How do you say "no" to all that?  You don't!

Q. How long have you been coaching for and where were you previously?

A. I got into coaching immediately after I graduated college so it's been 10 years or so, and that has included lots of stops in between then and now.  I was at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi for a year as the video and scholastic coordinator. Most recently I was an assistant coach at Wheaton College for two years.  I've learned a lot at each of the stops, and looking back I am thankful for the journey that's led me to Covenant College.

Q. Other than default, ‘winning a conference championship,’ what are some other goals for this year?

A. My first goal is to get to know our players better and establishing meaningful relationships with everyone in our program.  Basketball has always been a second family for me, and I hope to create a family atmosphere.  In 10 years, when I talk with former players, we won't talk a ton about wins and losses, but the relationship can last a lifetime.  Winning conference would be nice, too!

Q. Do you typically run a transition offense or half court set?

A. The short answer is yes.  When people see us play I hope people see an uptempo style.  As a team we will play hard, fast, smart, and will have a lot of fun on both ends of the floor.  

Q. Are you married (do you have any kids...age/names)?

A. I am.  I think one of my strengths as a coach is recruiting, and my wife would be Exhibit A!  We have three little ones, Teddy (6), Aaron (4), and Annie (2).  

Q. Favorite NBA team?

A. I'm a big Lebron James fan, so I have to say the Cavs!   

Q. Favorite college coach? Why?

A. Coach Schauer is the head coach at Wheaton, and I admire him as a coach and friend.  He is a man that is very loyal to his assistants, exemplifies integrity, and I learned a ton under him.  It was certainly bittersweet to leave Wheaton largely due to our relationship.  

Q. What are you most excited about for this upcoming season?

A. We play a very demanding schedule. I'm excited for the challenge, and I think our guys are as well.  They are working hard to build on last year's success.    

Q. Would you rather have a popcorn kernel stuck in your throat for the rest of your life or always have Cheeto fingers? (You can't wash it off)

A. I think I'd go with the Cheeto fingers and wear gloves all the time.  I don't see any solution to the kernel in the throat dilemma.