Homecoming Soccer Games: The Low Down


Homecoming 2018 is in the history books, and now only exists in our memories. While much could be said for Jazz on the Overlook, this is a sports article! Let’s talk soccer. While I can’t say what your night was like, I can only tell you about my own experience.

Unfortunately, the Lady Scots fell 2-0, with the loss dropping the team to 1-3-1 on the year. Transylvania, making its first appearance on Lookout Mountain, is now 4-2 for the season. The visiting Pioneers scored in the 20th minute and controlled the game for the rest of the first half, despite Covenant getting four shots on goal before the break.

The Lady Scots had a few more chances in the second half, but were not able to connect. Transylvania took advantage and found the back of the net once again in the second half, scoring off of a corner kick to make it 2-0. Our Lady Scots fought valiantly until the final whistle. The crowd was definitely proud, as was yours truly.

By the time the men's game started, my voice was already starting to go and I realized I was in trouble. But I kept cheering throughout the soccer game. When Carl Simakoff (‘19) made that pass to Jonathan Barrett (‘19), I cheered. When JB passed it up the sideline to Josh Brower (‘20), I cheered. When JB did literally anything, I cheered. In the 17th minute, Simakoff managed to bring a ball from Christopher Kitchen (‘19) out of the air with a defender on his back and place it low past the keeper, putting Covenant up 1-0. The goal was Simakoff's third of the year.

At halftime, I was a bit parched so I bought a Sprite, which really put some life back into my voice and helped me power through the second half. In the 57th minute, Jesse Riggs (‘20) put a beautiful free kick off the bar, which bounced right to Parker Owen (‘21), who headed the ball into the back of the net for the score.

Despite controlling the majority of the match, Covenant saw Brevard get back into the contest. The visiting Tornados sliced their deficit in half with a goal in the 73rd minute as Alex Tenjhay scored off a corner kick from Matheus Masukawa to make it 2-1.

However, the Scots were not discouraged. In the 89th minute, Riggs worked around the box and a Brevard defender before getting his shot and giving Covenant a 3-1 lead in the final moments of the match. That’s the scoring report. Covenant remains undefeated in USA South play at 2-0 on the year and the Scots move to 5-2 overall.

The sun had set and it was a cool September evening. Everyone enjoyed a lovely fireworks show out on The New Scotland Yard/Field, and love was sort of in the air. If you were there, you know I’m telling the truth. In the afterglow of the fireworks, I face planted and my glasses cut my face up. But it looks pretty tough, so all in all I’m pretty happy about it. Big thanks to friends, family, loved ones, etc. who came out to support both our teams and celebrate Scots past, present, and those still in the making.