The Good, the Bad, and the Petty

The trade deadline, the all-star break, and tampering: all coming up in the Good, the Bad, and the Petty.

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Every year in the NBA, teams have until mid-February to make any mid-season acquisitions via trade from other teams. With that trade deadline oftentimes comes some of the best drama all season. Whether it be last year’s Blake Griffin superstar level betrayal by Jerry West and Steve Ballmer of the Los Angeles Clippers or this year’s big names like Harrison Barnes, Kristaps Porzingis, Marc Gasol, former first overall pick Markelle Fultz, and perhaps most importantly Boban Marjanovic, the trade deadline is always exciting. The best trade of the bunch was a toss up between the Bucks acquisition of Nikola Mirotic or the 76ers acquisition of Tobias Harris/Boban Marjanovic. The Milwaukee Bucks acquired much needed floor spacing and rebounding capabilities for a much cheaper price than what the 76ers gave up for Tobias Harris shifts the needle in their favor. The 76ers gave up two first round picks, including the unprotected 2021 Miami pick which will undoubtedly be a very good one, while the Bucks only had to give up 4 second round picks, all of which are of significantly less value than the Miami pick. Tobias Harris is certainly a better player than Nikola Mirotic, but the question remains, is he really thaaaat much better? I don’t think so, especially because of the situation the 76ers find themselves in now with four star players who all need the ball. All this trade did was add another wrench into the already collapsing chemistry experiment in Philadelphia under Brett Brown— it may work out but I am dubious.


The Mavericks traded Harrison Barnes WHEN HE WAS PLAYING IN THE MIDDLE OF A GAME FOR THEM. In a trade with the Sacramento Kings, Harrison Barnes was dealt for swingman and former Tar Heel, Justin Jackson and Zach Randolph. The trade is fine, it provides an upgrade at the three for the Kings and gives cap relief to both teams, but doesn’t take away from the fact that they TRADED HIM IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GAME. I know the NBA is a business, and that’s all it really is when you get to brass tacks, but that was messed up. In an Instagram post after the trade was publicized via WOJ BOMB, Lebron James expressed his frustration with how Barnes was treated and how when the reverse happens and a player leaves a franchise, he is called “selfish/ungrateful.” The King has spoken, so clearly players do not appreciate being traded in the middle of putting their bodies on the line for a franchise.


I could have easily put the Mavericks organization in this section. However, what Iggy and Draymond did to Rudy Gobert after his all-star snub was just too good. Rudy Gobert is a 7’1” giant who plays center for the Utah Jazz and is consistently recognized as one of the best, if not the best, defensive centers in the league. He is having a great year and was understandably emotional after not being selected to play in the all-star game, showing his emotion when he started crying during a press conference after a Jazz practice. This video went viral and when Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala of the Golden State Warriors saw it, they did not hold back: Draymond tweeted “I guess I should cry too… no Charlotte? (crying emoji)” while Andre tweeted: “He gone cry in the car?” Not only do they bully the rest of the NBA on the court, they’re kinda jerks off of it, too.