A Poem for the Small Things


who asks me about my days at night

who listens when I speak

who remembers my favorite things

who learns my words and repeats them

who understands in the silence

who reads in between my lines

who tells me sweet nothings that mean everything

who holds me tight and tells me it’s okay to hold you back

who doesn’t mind me letting go now and then

who feeds me bites of your dinners

who fixes my hair when I’m not looking

who helps me stay sane

who breaks down all my walls

who is oblivious to it all,

it’s all you.

and I,

who wants something more

who sits in the dark and wonders

who longs to hold you tighter

who watches and waits and pines

who feels afraid of his own feelings

who fears of rejection and hatred

who flies like Icarus towards his sun anyways

who cannot abandon his affections for you

who speaks to the moon about you

who asks if our stars will ever align

who dreams of happily ever afters with you

who wakes up to your smile and dies inside

who lives with the highest hopes regardless

who is simply a boy with love,

for another—