Joe Keery of Stranger Things Releases New Album

If you are a Stranger Things fan, then you know Steve “the Hair” Harrington. What you may not know is that Joe Keery, who plays Steve, is not only an actor but a singer as well, under the alias “Djo.” His album is only forty-four minutes long, which may explain the title: “Twenty Twenty.” 

A1 (3).jpg

“Twenty Twenty” is an indie alternative album that begins with an intro featuring the repetition of the word “Showtime” in a distorted, deep voice. The next song, “Personal Lies” jumps the listener right into a quick and elevated beat, complete with lyrics about a woman who appears to be addicted to lying to herself. The song finishes with a long guitar solo, which is most likely Keery’s own talents being displayed, as he is the former guitarist of the band Post Animal. 

“Tentpole Shangrila,” the next song, begins with psychedelic beats and a chiming sound. Guitar riffing breaks the song in half, and more psychedelic beats ensue, accompanied by more striking sounds from the guitar.  

“Chateau (Feel Alright),” “Roddy,” and “Mortal Projections” share the status of being released as singles before the entire album was released. “Chateau (Feel Alright)” starts off slow and mellow, with a gradual increase in volume of guitar. The lyrics exemplify a sense of longing for past times, when “I’m at the chateau and I feel alright,” as Djo puts it. “Roddy” contrasts with exciting, hopeful, and happy tones, featuring lyrics about self-revelation and motivation to move on and do better. “Mortal Projections” begins with intense chiming sounds and slows down and smooths out to allow piercing lyrics about heartbreak. 

“Total Control” features only Keery’s distorted, deep voice, chanting phrases like “relax, lay back.” “Flash Mountain” provides a refreshing switch up with intense rocker vibes.

The final song, “Mutual Future (Repeat)” begins with a synthetic guitar sound that sounds slightly similar to the main theme from Disney’s “Up.” The song is a surprising ending to the album, with its sensitive lyrics about wishing to be back with a past lover. 

Joe Keery’s talent shines in his first album. Although he is fairly new to the music industry, “Twenty Twenty” features many different layers and levels of musical skill. Fans of “The Hair,” beware, for you may end up loving Steve Harrington even more after experiencing his talent as a singer and guitarist.