Transitional Housing

At the beginning of the year, two Carter halls were moved into transitional housing due to the Carter renovations. Ghetto was transplanted to the Guest Cottages and Third North moved into the Bradley House, across from the student apartments.

Neely Goree, the Coordinator of Student Leadership and overseer of transitional housing, says all has gone well so far. “All of the student residents have been very gracious concerning their relocation,” Goree said.

Both halls have focused on keeping hall traditions and community alive. “Their communities have even been strengthened through the Transitional Housing experience,” said Goree. “They have also shown a lot of hospitality to other students on campus.”

Meghan Earll (‘17), who is serving as Third North’s RA for the second year, agrees: “Third North traditions are still alive, but our mindset about events has become more hospitality focused—which is exciting.”  

With a new location, however, comes a new set of challenges. The “legions of nature” have haunted the Ghetto men, including snakes, according to Covenant sophomore Henry Paris. Thankfully, everyone has been a good sport and worked with student development to remedy the situation.  

The challenge of being relocated has facilitated strong friendships at the Bradley House. “We love the house. This year has come with some new responsibilities, like cleaning the dishes, but mostly it’s chill. It’s nice to feel more connected as friends since the transition has called us to rely on each other more. The nine of us have spontaneous discussions that occur due to the reality that we have a living room to gather in and a dinner table to eat around,” said Earll.

“[The apartment in the back] is humid as all get out, and has definitely affected several varsity soccer player’s sleep and well being. But if you take a step back, and look at this through a wider scope, anyone can easily see that the head colds are a small setback in comparison to the immense amount of fun we’re having down here. All in all, we seem to be enjoying it,” said Paris.