Carter Hall Renovations

In the past years, winding drives up Lookout Mountain have climaxed with the stately sight of Carter Hall, the focal point of the campus. However, this past semester, we returned to the north end being shielded with scaffolding, tarps, and fences, distracting from Covenant’s esteemed landmark. Dan Wykoff, the Vice President for Finance and Operations, was willing to offer an update about the renovations that have been in the works since this past summer. The construction process includes four phases, with the current first phase focusing on the north section and tower. This phase is nearing completion and will be nearly finished by the beginning of next semester. When asked what to expect after coming back from Christmas break, Wykoff says, “First and foremost, students should expect a ‘wow moment’ when they drive up the front hill.” The outside of the building will be restored to its original 1928 stucco, double windows, and a brand new tile roof. Wykoff expressed the significance of the refurbishing by providing students with stellar living quarters while recognizing the college’s history.

The biggest challenge of the job has been the logistics of such an intricate and complex renovation. However, David Northcutt, the campus architect, has demonstrated thorough management over the project by working with the external architects and general contractor to ensure the construction moves smoothly and the students are kept safe.

Looking forward, phase two will be starting next semester, and the construction will be moving to the central part of Carter. Phase two is planned to finish by August 2016, phase three will complete the work in the central section and be completed by December 31, 2016. Finally, phase four will wrap up all the renovations by August 2017.