RUF Minister on Break

Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) campus minister Scott Wells is taking a brief break from his ministry among Covenant students to focus his attention and efforts on raising financial support for his family and the ministry.

Wells left campus in October to focus on reaching out to supporters for his ministry, that the RUF ministry at Covenant may be able to benefit as much as possible from these generous donations.

The decision for Wells to focus all of his attention on raising financial support came from the RUF national office and the local presbytery that oversees the PCA’s campus ministry at Covenant. The specific committee that is involved in overseeing Covenant’s RUF chapter is chaired by Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church assistant pastor, Brian Salter.

RUF campus ministers across the country raise their own financial support to provide for their families and their ministries.

Campus ministers with RUF are not technically employed by their respective colleges. Instead, the institution partners with RUF to allow campus ministry to take place on those campuses. Thus, campus ministers with RUF develop a network of supporters who will partner with them both in prayer and in financial giving.

While much support comes from family and friends, Wells pointed out that “most people who support the ministry chose to become partners because they share the vision for relational, pastoral ministry on the campus.”

While Wells is away from RUF for a brief time, guest pastors and speakers have been coming to the RUF large group meetings on campus to share with students in place of Wells until he is able to return.

“These last few weeks away from campus have been full of phone calls and visits to share with people about the importance of having RUF at Covenant and about my need for prayer and financial partners,” Wells mentioned. “The Lord is leading me to generous people who deeply care about the students at Covenant College.”

Wells is hoping to return to campus full-time in January at the start of the new semester, and is eager to return to the campus and students that he has begun to love.

“Of course I greatly miss being on campus in November and December,” Wells said. “But, I'm also thankful that RUF is giving me a season to build a solid support base to allow me to be in this ministry on campus for a long time.”

Wells was selected as the campus minister for RUF at Covenant during the spring of 2015, and began his tenure as campus minister in August. Since arriving this semester, Wells has poured into students through small and large group ministries at RUF, primarily through preaching and teaching.

Despite Wells’s brief absence, he has been a solid rock of encouragement to the student-led RUF core group that has facilitated the large group meetings the latter half of this semester. Please join the core group, as well as Wells and his family, in prayer as they ask for financial blessings for Wells’s family and his ministry to Covenant students through RUF.

Although RUF large group meetings are finished for this semester, the meetings will resume in January at the start of the Spring semester. Meetings are at 11:00am on Tuesdays in the Caudle Room, and all are invited to attend.