Jordan Brett: New Varsity Goalie

(2) Jordan Brett.jpg

Year: Junior
Hometown: Outside Swainsboro, GA

Favorite sports movie: The Sandlot
If you could play any other sport what would it be? Tennis


 She was named USA South All-Conference second team in softball the past two years, and now she is tackling a new varsity sport.  Jordan Brett is an integral part of the varsity softball team and has been for the entirety of her Covenant career.

This year, however, she is not only playing varsity softball, but is also playing goalie on the women’s varsity soccer team. The crazy part? Brett, a biology major, says that she had never kicked a soccer ball before being recruited to play varsity this year. She had never even watched professional soccer.

In the spring semester of 2015, Coach Duble asked Coach Russell if Brett could train to play goalie. At that time, it was uncertain whether or not there would be another goalie on the team, so Brett began training. Rachel Lemay, a freshman, took up the position of goalie, but Brett decided that she still wanted to play.

In addition to soccer and all of its demands, Brett has batting practice twice a week for softball.  “Soccer is more intense,” Brett said, comparing goalie training to softball practice. “Softball focuses on muscle, but soccer does more with legs and running.”

Brett said that the girls are very encouraging. “They don’t make me feel like a complete idiot even when I don’t know what I’m doing. They’re all very supportive and welcoming.”

With five wins and three losses as of October 4th, Brett feels that the team has been doing well and will continue to improve.

Playing soccer has taught Brett to appreciate the importance of cheering from the bench. She has played softball since she was young and started on every team she has played on, so being more of a backup player for soccer has taught her how to support her teammates who are on the field.

“It has been humbling,” Brett said, “and now I appreciate softball so much more because that’s where I know what I’m doing. In soccer I’m still learning a lot. I hope to transfer what I’ve learned to softball and be able to encourage my teammates.”

Brett has only played in half of one soccer game, but be sure to watch for #0 in the goal this year!